Volunteer Programme

The purpose of having a volunteer programme at St. George´s College is to support the teaching of English in our school as well as strengthening the bilingual and cultural links of the school to the United Kingdom. Both the school and students benefit from the presence and contributions of all volunteers who in return, have an invaluable experience of Peruvian life and culture.

This programme is designed to benefit all parties involved. First, the British volunteers who visit our country for three or four weeks provide support to our education projects. In exchange for their work in school, they receive room and board from families who host the volunteers. This also gives individual families the opportunity to also share in this kind of cultural interchange

The role of volunteers is to provide the students with the opportunity to work and communicate in English in order to improve their fluency and confidence. Apart from supporting projects and social service programmes volunteers can also provide individual language support and small group discussions on a range of subjects from current affairs to education, sports, fashion, music, and entertainment. Volunteers also provide support in outdoor activities.

Our experience with volunteers has been extremely rewarding. They are always very eager to help in any way and have a variety of new ideas for improving activities which helps to enrich the programmes. We firmly believe that the volunteer programme has contributed greatly to improving our level of English proficiency as well as widening the students contact and knowledge of British culture.


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