Summer School

The entry to school and the months that follow are decisive for the adaptation and integration of children to school life. Such time may be considered in some cases as critical and, therefore, it is important to count on resources to respond effectively to certain situations. The relationships we establish with our peers and adults throughout this stage will very much depend on what our entry into school and our first interpersonal relationships were like.

The adjustment period is that stretch of time that is spent with young children while they experience all the changes that will lead to their entry to school. It is, at the same time, a path and a process where they develop their attitude towards school: their relationships, orientation and the use of space, homework and how to do it, success and failure.

As this is a process, it is important to consider that it is something that children must do themselves; it is a personal victory and it must be valued as such.

That is why during the summer, our school organizes the programme Summer School that seeks to give students tools to improve or supplement their learning. The programme includes: English, storytelling, Spanish, maths, music, karate, arts and crafts, drama, superheroes, dance, as well as the practice of sports in order to develop children’s motor and psychomotor skills.

In the case of the youngest children, the adaptation period is important because it allows them to become familiar with the environment where they will spend most of the day, develop social skills that will make them more competent, help them to acquire autonomy by doing things by themselves, and give them security which will reflect positively on their self-esteem.


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