The main objective of the subject of Spanish is to improve the communication and linguistic skills of our students so that they understand and express oral and written messages in a competent way, under various situations, and with different audiences. This will help them to comprehend and produce various types of text, in order to learn, satisfy their communication functional needs and enjoy them.

We also take into account and appreciate the linguistic diversity of our students, and through this course we offer them a further opportunity to develop their communication skills.

The subject covers the following areas and each of them is developed progressively according to the student’s level.

  • Oral expression and comprehension
  • Text production
  • Reading comprehension


Teaching/learning at this level is based on the reading of different text types in order to achieve the following goals:

  • Develop metacognitive and cognitive, affective and social capabilities through the use of verbal, body, gestural, visual, plastic, dramatic and musical language.
  • To develop the students’ communication skills through their interaction with different types of texts, in real and diverse situations with different audiences, while paying close attention to the basic elements of language in order to improve communication.
  • Promote the enjoyment and interest in reading and improve reading comprehension.

This methodology is complemented with various activities such as declamation contests, spelling bee and spelling contests, drama and creative production.


The teaching/learning of the discipline at this level is geared to achieve the objectives of the International Baccalaureate programme; for this reason greater emphasis is put in developing the capacity for analysis and interpretation of literary and non-literary texts. Training in oral and written expression is also a priority, so that our students become highly competitive when communicating in any situation. The production of essays and literary reviews, as well as oral debating, are part of this methodology.

The objectives at this level are:

  • Familiarize students with a variety of texts belonging to different periods, styles and genres.
  • To develop the students’ ability to carry out a thorough and detailed analysis of specific texts and establish relevant relationships.
  • Develop the students’ capacity to express themselves, both in oral and written communication.
  • Encourage students to recognize the importance of the context in which texts are written and received.
  • Through text study, promote the appreciation of the various perspectives of people belonging to other cultures and the way in which these perspectives contribute to construct meaning.
  • Encourage students to appreciate the formal, stylistic and aesthetic features of texts.
  • Promote among students an interest in language and literature that lasts throughout their lives, as well as the ability to enjoy both.


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