Physical Education

Physical Education is an essential and compulsory subject in the three educational levels curricula at St. George’s College.
Our team of specialized and experienced physical educators work together to ensure that the P.E. curriculum is developed throughout each of these stages.




In Early Years our students take the course of psychomotor skills, whose overall objective is to improve their physical, cognitive and socio-emotional development.

All activities are proposed in such a way that our students may have greater neural stimulation and generate interhemispheric connections, develop muscle strength as well as postural control in order to master their bodies and elements within a space. We work on the basis of neuromotor circuits, games and competitions.

In the Junior level, our main objective is that students get to know and appreciate their bodies, use basic physical abilities, practice hygiene habits and appreciate effort and teamwork by means of play and recreation.

At Senior level the physical capabilities and skills of students are developed, as well as the different tactical/technical features of sports such as volleyball, basketball, football, gymnastic and athletics.

The Department of Physical Education contributes to the integral development of students through formative and creative development, oriented to sports and recreation. The program also promotes the respect of individual differences in order to develop team work responsibility, perseverance, integration and solidarity.


We have sports teams in the disciplines of volleyball, athletics, basketball and football. Students are trained during extra school hours to participate in interscholastic competitions such as ADECOPA.


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