Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Our PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is an organization of parents and volunteer teachers who work together for the benefit of students, taking into account the premises proposed by St. George's College.


To support the personal development of every student in our school through the work of parents and teachers as a team, and thus achieve the emotional, social and physical well-being of our students, promoting the integration of our community in an atmosphere of harmony and security.


  • To support the educational management of the school to enrich the educational experience of every student.
  • To promote the integration of the school community among parents, teachers and students.
  • To promote values, especially respect, at home and at school.

Values promoted by the PTA

  • Cooperation: teamwork.
  • Commitment: promote the well-being of our educational community for our students’ sake and success.
  • Responsibility: participate responsibly in activities proposed for parents and teachers.
  • Respect: the success of teamwork depends on mutual respect in order to achieve our goals.
  • Value: to value all members of the St. George´s College community.
  • Integrity: work together for our students’ well-being.
  • Mystic: Develop the appreciation of the school by parents, as a fundamental element of the integral formation of the student.

Our Motto

'Growing Together in Peace and Harmony'

Offer our members an environment conducive to enhance their skills and make a positive impact in the lives of the school’s students and their families as a whole.


  • Chair Person
    Sra. Elvira Cruz de Pajarito
  • Assistant
    Sra. Patricia Otero
  • Assistant
    Sra. Patricia Delgado
  • Teachers Coordinator
    Miss Rosa Ríos Ramal


  • Chair Person
    Sra. Lily Vasquez de Rivera
  • Secretary
    Sra. Patricia Pérez Mejía
  • Treasure
    Sra. Luz Angela suyo Carrasco
  • Teachers Coordinator
    Miss Carmen Rosa Sarmiento


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Teléfonos de central: (043 - 452000) || Dirección del colegio: Calle los Quenuales 205 - Urbanización El Pinar

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