The area of Mathematics aims at improving students’ reasoning and communication skills in order to make them understand and resolve, by means of suitable algorithms, daily situations of varied levels of difficulty. This will make them understand and solve different types of exercises and problems, which will help them enjoy the advantages of knowing the course.

Moreover, we appreciate the different learning styles of students and therefore offer them, through our working sessions, the opportunity to develop their reasoning, communication and resolution abilities.

The course of Mathematics considers the following skills, which are developed at varying levels of depth depending on the student:

  • Reasoning and demonstration
  • Mathematical communication
  • Problem solving


The teaching/learning of Mathematics is geared toward the objectives of the IGCSE. For this reason, we develop a curriculum based on the reasoning and the analysis of different situations of everyday life.
The objectives at this level are to:

  • Develop cognitive, metacognitive, emotional and social capabilities through the use of symbols and terminology;
  • develop the reasoning abilities of our students through interaction with various types of mathematical situations to achieve the appropriate analysis and foster understanding;
  • promote a mathematical culture to improve the level of reasoning, communication, and problem solving.

The methodology applied provides individual learning in order to achieve the student’s maximum potential.


The teaching/learning of Maths aims to achieve the objectives of two international programmes: the IGCSE and the International Baccalaureate. That is why we develop a curriculum from grade 6 where emphasis is placed on developing the ability of solving problems. We also prioritize the development of reasoning and mathematical communication.

The objectives at this level are to:

  • Familiarize the student with the terminology and symbols required by the course;
  • develop in students the ability to analyse mathematical situations;
  • develop the student’s reasoning capacity to deal with the resolution of everyday situations;
  • encourage students to recognize the importance of the terminology and the symbols that the course demands;
  • promote, through the development of projects and research, the application of mathematics in situations of different contexts so that learning becomes significant.


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