Our school has a Houses system that promotes teamwork, organization, initiative, balance, which promotes respect for the different talents and abilities of our students; and, at the same time, it encourages the exercise of leadership in all of them.

The most important objective of this system is to facilitate and encourage the participation of all our students, who are divided into four houses: Griffin, Phoenix, Pegasus, and Minotaur. All these houses compete against each other in different disciplines, either in teams or individually, in order to earn points for their House.

In addition, there is a point system for the "Houses", which applies to academic work, effort, sports, the arts, and many of the extracurricular projects carried out during the year. In this way healthy competition is encouraged. The merits that students receive in their classes also contribute positively to the general count of points for their Houses.

With regard to the members of the Houses, it should be noted that all of our students, teachers, administrative and maintenance staff are assigned to a house from the moment they enter the school; in such a way, that each year will match the number of members of the various houses. Likewise, all parents and siblings of our students belong to the same House for life.

In terms of internal organization, each House is led by a teacher and two students, who have the position of Captain and Vice-Captain of their House. Their main role is to guide the members of their Houses and organize the necessary strategies that will lead them to victory.

Each end of term, the score of all events will be commented upon during assembly and, at the end of the year, the winning House will be awarded the Interhouse shield. Thus all our students will feel proud of their House, as team work is fundamental to the success of their team.

Houses organization

Head of Houses: Mariella Molero

Master Griffin: Bárbara Leyva

  • Captain 2015: Alicia Chau
  • Vice-captain 2015: Bruno Salazar

Master Phoenix: Petter Llanos

  • Captain 2015: Valeria Sampietro
  • Vice-captain 2015: Alexander Vera

Master Pegasus: Zoe Shapiro

  • Captain 2015: Alexa Díaz
  • Vice-captain 2015: Joaquín Arenas

Master Minotaur: Luis Sifuentes

  • Captain 2015: Jose Moreno
  • Vice-captain 2015: Andrea Ballena


  • All the activities scheduled in the timetable have a score of: 10 points for 4th place, 20 points for 3rd place, 30 points for 2nd place and 50 points for 1st place.
  • Merits awarded to students will also add points to their respective Houses.
  • There will be a jury for all competitions, whose decision shall be final.


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