The initial vision of our founder, MissMinnie Nikolas, in1932 was based on the concept of providing a bilingual education, an education which could make a difference. The XXI century globalized world reflects this need more than ever, with English as a tool for improvement and success in an increasingly competitive society.

Whether in the business world or in daily life English is the universal language that enables communication in all aspects of life from business to daily communication through the internet or entertainment. Our goal therefore is for students to attain an advanced level of English to enable them to cope effectively with the demands and challenges of modern society.

Our bilingual program is based on the following aspects:

The theory of second language acquisition which states that every language is acquired in a natural way, with the student being exposed to the second language as a first language experience from an early age.

A curriculum based on English language instruction through courses such as the Natural Sciences, Religion, Social Science, and Computing from Lower Nursery onwards

Membership of the "Latin American Heads Conference" to promote interaction and collaboration to achieve international standards of education between English speaking schools within Latin America.

The use of English-speaking volunteers through organizations such as Volunteach Peru.

Preparation for international exams such as Cambridge Flyers, PET, and FCE as well as IGCSE curricular programmes and the IB Diploma as a pre-University preparation.

The aim is to achieve bilingualism through the use of Spanish and English as the two principal working languages of the school. Student receives support grammatically in English as a second language whilst expectations in terms of oral competency, reading and writing are that of a First Language learner


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